Level Sensor Assemblies

Liquip offers a range of level sensor assemblies that measure the contents of a tanker's compartments and provides a reading on the DFV103 or DFV101 monitor.

Level sensor assemblies provide an accurate measure of compartment contents in real time and keep operators from having to climb on top of tanks.

  • Radar transmitters ensures high tech  and accurate measuring of tanker contents.
  • Measurement and eye-level display of all compartment contents in litres.
  • No need for operators to climb on top of tanks to measure hazardous substances.
  • Length and range of the sensors can be made to suit height of the compartment on order.
  • +/- 1mm accuracy.
  • Can suit walkway or hatch mount applications.

Length and Range
Determined by the height of the compartment:0.6-2.5m.

+/- 1mm.

0.05% or better over the range.

Maximum height of the housing above the walkway

Type of liquid to be detected - all petroleum products
Dielectric constant approx 1.7 - 2.1.

DIP130: Level sensor assembly walkway mount.

DIP150: Level sensor assembly Hatch mount.

DFV150-MOUNTZ: DFV150 level gauge mount kit.

DFV150M-MOUNTZ: DFV150 level gauge mount kit (Metric).

DFV130-MOUNTZ: DFV130 level gauge mount kit.

DFV103: Level Gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.

DFV101: Combined register & level gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.


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