500mm ( 20″) Square Sump with Platform and Drainback – S2

500mm (20″) square sump, internal spill container, adjustable skirt, platform and round 760mm (30″) flat sealed composite cover and frame.

Includes UPP/Franklin single or double wall pipework with integrated drainback system.


S2-3760-OFDP-U1-DW: Double wall pipework

S2-3760-OFDP-U1-SW: Single wall pipework


2 Fills

S2-3760-OFDP-U2-DW: Double wall pipework

S2-3760-OFDP-U2-SW: Single wall pipework



Fill & VR1b

S2-3760-OFDP-U11-DW: Double wall pipework

S2-3760-OFDP-U11-SW: Single wall pipework