Aviation and Military Services

Liquip International have been involved in the Australian Aviation and Military Aviation sector for over 25 years, with the experience and know how to provide a range of services and products to build aviation refuellers and fuel trucks to the demanding standard required for aircraft refuelling operations.

For aviation or military services please contact your local distributor. 

Our distributor network consists of world class workshops and each office represent years of hands on experience in fuel handling systems across Australia.

The Liquip network team consists of of fully qualified engineers, mechanics, boilers makers, electricians and fitters and turners who offer years of technical experience and ingenuity, allowing us to assist with all your Road Tanker custom projects and servicing needs.

Brands we offer

Aviation and Military Servicing Advantages

  • Extensive experience within the petroleum industry (over 50 years) – Resources of Liquip Group.

  • Intimate knowledge of refuelling vehicles and equipment (as the manufacturer).

  • Strong HSSE credentials.

  • can offer parts to JIG current standards.

  • Transparency of maintenance operations.

  • Flexibility with broad scope of service offering.


Capabilities throughout the network

Liquip's distributor network core business lies within the maintenance of Refuelling Vehicles and Fuel Farms. We also perform cab/chassis servicing and minor repairs. Transport of equipment and vehicles can also be arranged throughout Australia.

Equipped with their own Master Meters and “Pot Tanks”,  most locations have the capability of calibrating to NMI standards.

Liquip distributors can offer on site consultations or mobile servicing upon request.

Having completed a number of projects across the country, several members of the Liquip distributor network also offer Tank Cleaning Services for fixed facilities.

Liquip is the authorised distributor of Cla-val ground fuelling equipment and our network can supply and help rebuild and overhaul your Cla-val equipment.  

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