Hose End Pressure Control Valve (HEPCV)

The Cla-Val Model 343GF/348GF Hose End Pressure Control Valve (HEPCV) is a direct acting pressure regulator.  It is designed for use in aircraft refueling to protect the receiving aircraft from excess pressure and damage due to pressure surges.  It is bolted to a Cla-Val Model 341GF or 347GF Aircraft Refueling Nozzle at the end of a delivery hose or a Pantograph used to refuel jet aircraft under pressure. 

  • Unique one-piece stainless steel piston is stronger  and more durable than aluminium pistons
  • Larger Springs improve pressure control
  • Three different pressure settings available
  • Durable anodized aluminium body

Contact the Liquip Sales Department for assistance in determining which of the numerous models and options available will best suit your application.


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