Aviation Hose Reel Drum Style - AHR250D Series


Liquip offer the AHR250D series of drum style hose reel suitable for use with aviation fuels.

The AHR250D series is designed for the effective storage and use of a quantity of fuel delivery hose to make refuelling activity easy.

When the fill point is located at varying locations the required length of hose can be dispensed manually and rewound by either hydraulic or manual means.

Features & Benefits
  • Flow area is equal to 63mm throughout.
  • All components are easily replaced as required.
  • Sealing is by o-ring seals.
  • Built tough to last in the harshest conditions.
  • Hose nozzle storage can be fitted with interlocks to help prevent driveaway accidents or product spills.
  • A-frame mounting frame can be supplied upon request.
  • 3" TTMA inlet flange has a ½“ BSP tapped port for pressure testing in-situ.

Technical Information

Dispense: Un-hook the nozzle and dispense hose to the required location.
Rewind: Rotate manual handle or engage hydraulic motor.

Pressure tested and rating
Up to 2,100kPa.

Annually remove and repack bearing on each side of reel.

4 x M12 Bolts - see mounting footprint on following pages.
2 x A-frames (AHR250-5) supplied separately.

Inlet flange to suit 75mm (3”) TTMA - 8 off 3/8” BSW x 25mm deep
blind threads on a 124mm PCD.

Aluminium cheek plates and drum.
Nickel plated steel gooseneck.
Viton seals.
Klinger gaskets.

Can suit the following diameter hose:
25mm (1”)
32mm (1¼”)
38mm (1½“)
50mm (2”)
63mm (2½“)

Rewind Mechanism
Hydraulic or Manual.

Drum Widths
300mm (12”)
450mm (18”)
600mm (24”)
950mm (37”)

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