Air Operated Top Operators

The ACL series provides a “quick action” lifting mechanism for opening the internal valve of a tanker from a pneumatic control box.

The pneumatic operation allows complete control of the loading and discharge operation from ground level without having to access the tank top.

The ACL series has been developed with stainless steel and teflon components for use with petroleum and/or chemical based products.


  • Air operated or manually operated.
  • Encompasses an industry first unique safety guard for added operator protection (patent pending).
  • Contains a bush/bearing and o-ring to seal in the event of a tanker rollover.
  • Can be bolted directly to the tank walkway or secured using a weld in flange.

Switch air pressure to the inlet of the camlift via an air control box or push/pull valve.

To manually open: rotate the handle 90° clockwise until the handle is in the upper locked position.

To manually close: rotate the handle 90° anti-clockwise. A spring return on the camlift ensures the valve spring can operate unimpeded.

ACL405RGAT: Air operated camlift (Aluminium handle and body, Teflon seals & stainless steel fasteners).

ACL405RGATZ: ACL405RGAT comes with Teflon Gasket.

LW410: 2.1m Lifting Wire Kit.

ACL405-11A: Aluminium mounting flange.

SLV Series: Liquip internal valves.


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