450mm Clampband Style Manhole Covers



Liquip is excited to release the VOH451 Series manhole cover, which is the first and only double drop tested hatch to meet the newly released Australian Standard AS2809:2020.

The VOH451 manhole cover offers a large easy access 452mm (17.8”) diameter Manhole Cover entry which meets AS2809:2020 & AS2865 confined space entry.

Liquip’s VOH451 Series manhole covers come standardised in cast aluminium with metric threads. The VOH451 manhole cover is also equipped with four provisions for conveniently mounting additional equipment such as overfill probes, vapour vents, dip & fill tubes and Diptronic® tank gauging.

Australian & CEN drop test approval makes the VOH451 manhole cover ideal for both top and bottom loading. Liquip’s VOH Series manhole covers have long been the industry choice for manhole covers due to Liquip’s no compromise approach to safety.

Did you know?

AS2809 up until the AS2809:2020 revision required manhole
covers to be dropped on a certified drop test apparatus, which simulates a full compartment of product, from a height of 1.2 metres & then a secondary drop from 1 metre.

This double drop replicates a tanker’s initial impact and often subsequent secondary impact i.e. rollover. An Australian double drop test approved manhole cover provides the highest level of product

Case Studies

Learn more about how the VOH451 double drop tested hatch is improving safety on Australian roads

Features & Benefits
  • Australian double drop tested and CEN drop test compliant to provide additional security in the event of a tanker rollover.
  • Cast aluminium lightweight & durable construction.
  • Single bolt style clamp band mounting for quick and efficient installation and removal when required.
  • Uses the same equipment mounting footprint as VOH410 and VOH411 series for easy retrofits.
  • Two stage safety opening mechanism enables internal pressure to be released before completely opening the emergency vent.
  • 225mm (9”) emergency pressure vent included to enable bulk pressure release in event of a fire of rollover.
  • Emergency vent doubles as an easy to open inspection hatch for top loading or visual inspection.
  • Configurable for use with aviation hydrocarbons.
  • Configurable with a 1” thermal pressure & vacuum vent complying with recognized industry codes (for thermal expansion purposes).
  • Additional mounting provisions not utilized can be securely blanked off until required.
  • Optional locking mechanism available in either gravity latch or lockable bridge & handle.
  • Additional anti-theft security can be achieved with a key locked bridge & handle design.
  • Fully metric hatch and accessories for enhanced serviceability.


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    Technical Information

    Passes the Australian and CEN drop Tests.

    A single clamp-band fits around the circumference of the manhole cover and the corresponding coaming which is tightened using a single bolt. Care must be taken to fit this clamp band according to instructions to ensure manhole cover integrity. 

    Coaming OD
    483mm (maximum OD at base of aluminium coaming).
    *Please reference this measurement before cutting tanker walkway*

    8.8kg (without coaming & mounted accessories and PVV104M).

    Ordering Information

    VOH4516A8N0: Aluminium 450mm manhole cover assembly (metric thread).

    VOH4516A8N0Z: VOH4516A8N0 comes with clamp band assembly and PVV blanking plate.

    VOH4516A8A0Z: VOH4516A8N0 comes with clamp band assembly and PVV104M (Pressure Vacuum Vent).

    Associated Equipment

    VOH451-35Z: Aluminium Clampband & Seal Kit to suit VOH451 Series Manhole - METRIC

    VOH450-15: Aluminium Coaming, with locating ribbing.

    VOH450-15P: Aluminium Coaming, witout locating ribbing 

    VOH450-17: Mild Steel Coaming - Not Drop Test Approved.

    VOH450U-16: Clampband to suit VOH450 hatch.

    PH100-3M: Nut Clampband.

    5385: Zinc plated screw M10 x 130.

    5288: Zinc plated flat washer M10.

    VOH-16M: Dip & Fill Blank Plate.

    VOH200-14M: Overfill Probe Blank Plate.

    VOH400-10: Lock Key.

    AVV3.0-10M: Vapour Recovery Blank Plate (metric).

    UG101: Ullage Gauge.

    VOH450-7: VOH450 Main Seal (Nitrile).

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    VOH4516A8A0Z VOH4516A8N0 comes with clamp band assembly and PVV104M (Pressure Vacuum Vent).
    VOH4516A8N0 Aluminium 450mm manhole cover assembly (metric thread).
    VOH4516A8N0Z VOH4516A8N0 comes with clamp band assembly and PVV blanking plate.

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