9" Emergency Inspection Hatches


Liquip offers a unique 225mm (9") aluminium emergency inspection hatch with a quick opening lid that doubles as an emergency vent with pressure/vacuum relieving vent and rollover protection.

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  • Easy to open.
  • Two stage opening for added safety.
  • Operates as an emergency vent.
  • Incorporates a standard Liquip pressure vacuum vent for thermal relief of the tanker (optional).
  • Supplied as a complete unit ready for fitting to a tanker or storage tank.
  • A wide variety of seals are available depending on the product being stored or transported.

Complies with Australian Standard AS2809 and with USA standard NFPA 385 (1990).

2 Stage opening
For safety the hatch has a two-stage opening and also acts as an emergency vent.

Supplied as a complete assembly.

Pressure and Capacity
For emergency vent opening pressure & capacity refer to individual data sheets for Emergency Vent configurations.

Coaming and Seals
The Weld-in 150mm coaming is available in aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel.

Wide variety of seals available to suit various applications & products.

PVV Valves
Optional pressure & vacuum vent can be incorporated. For opening pressure & capacity see PVV104 series datasheet.

PVV104 vent is standard for Australia & NZ.

PVV104U is standard for most other countries.


1 = Coaming Material = Al = (A) or M/S = (M).

2 = Emergency Vent = Nitrile seal Australian label = (2A) or Viton seal Australian label  = (2AV) or Nitrile seal UK label = (2U) or Viton seal UK label = (2UV).

3 = PVV Vent = Blanking plate = (2) or PVV104 - Australia = (4) or PVV104U - UK = (4U).

EH230-1M: Steel Coaming (hole required:approx 245mm).

EH230-1A: Aluminium Coaming (hole required: approx 245mm).