SLV5 Air Operated Bottom Valve

The SLV5-ARO pneumatic and sequential emergency valve incorporates the latest technical advancements to ensure high flow rates and the safe loading and discharge of road tankers.

The SLV-ARO has a specially designed poppet that provides a reduction in static electricity for fast and safe operation at high flow rates.

This valve is installed in the compartment floor and controls the flow of product from each compartment. It also incorporates a shear groove which is designed to break below the valve and retain the compartment contents in the event of accidental damage to the wet legs or API adaptors.

The 125mm diameter poppet has a concave design which operates as a deflector reducing splash, surge and static build up during loading and similarly during discharge. The unique design results in nil vortexing of the product meaning faster and safer loading and unloading.

  • A unique hinged poppet design that acts as a splash deflector to eliminate vortexing of product surges and static build up.
  • Minimal pressure drop across the system.
  • Can be operated pneumatically or manually.
  • Can be manually operated with a jack screw in the event of pressure loss.
  • Air operator assembly is easily removable & replaceable.
  • SLV5-ARO model suits standard and aviation fuels.
  • Specially bonded lip seal design for superior sealing and extended life.
  • Fitted with Viton A seals as standard for superior product compatibility.
  • Incorporates a shear groove that is designed to retain the compartment contents in the event of accidental damage.
  • Easily removed for routine maintenance.
  • Conforms with AS2809 requirements.
  • SLV5-ARO supplied with a jacking screw to allow manual partial opening of the valve in the event of air pressure loss. 

Pressure Rating
Nominal Ø100mm flow area except poppet is Ø125 bore for minimum pressure drop. Needs a minimum of 350 kPa of air pressure.

Air Consumption
Consumption 1.0L free air per stroke.

Bolted to sump or tank flange at the bottom of tank 8 holes Ø9.5 on a 210 PCD.

SLV5-ARO: Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded Viton A seal (suits aviation fuels).

SLV5-AROZ: SLV5:ARO comes with Neo Cork Gaskets (tank and pipe flange).

SLV5-AROVZ: SLV5:ARO comes with Viton A Gaskets (tank [3mm] and pipe [3mm] flange).

SLV5-AROTVZ:SLV5:ARO comes with 1.6mm Viton A Gaskets (tank [1.6mm] and pipe [3mm] flange).

SLV5-AROC:Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded FFKM seal - Chemical.

ARO100: External Air Ram Assembly for SLV5 Foot Valves.

ACL405RGAT: Air operated camlift (Aluminium handle and body, Teflon seals & stainless steel fasteners).

CL402RG: Manual top operator (Aluminium handle and body, Viton A O-ring and Z/P steel internals).

LW410: Stainless Steel Lifting Wire Kit.

SLV5-13A:  Aluminium SLV5 Tank Flange c/w metric studs & nuts.

SLV5-13M:  Mild Steel SLV5 Tank Flange c/w metric studs & nuts.

SLV5-47: 4" Mild Steel Adaptor Outlet to suit 4" steel tube.

SLV5-110: Aluminium Adaptor Outlet to suit 100mm tube.

SLV5-114: Aluminium Adaptor Outlet to suit 4" pipe.


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