Air Rams

Air Rams

The piston type air operated ram can be used in place of
the standard diaphragm air ram used on Liquip foot valves.

The plunger is pushed forward by a piston when air is supplied to the air inlet. The air in the cylinder is expelled through the exhaust port. The air ram assembly also has a sequential port the can be connected to other air rams in series.

A jacking screw is provided to allow manual opening of the valve in the event of air pressure loss (note that this does not fully open the valve).

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-Aluminium body.
-Stainless steel poppet.
-Viton seals and gasket.
-Acetal piston.

60mm bore.
Needs a minimum of 350 kPa of air pressure, to open the foot valve fully.

Air ram operator assembly is easily removable & replaceable, being a self-contained externally mounted assembly.

Bolted to SLV5 body using M10 screws and spring washers with a sealing gasket.

0.65 kg.

ARO100: Air Ram Assembly for SLV5 series footvalve.

ARO100C: Chemical Air Ram Assembly for SLV5-AROC footvalve.

SLV5-ARO: Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded Viton A seal.

SLV5-AROZ: SLV5:ARO comes with Neo Cork Gaskets (tank and pipe flange).

SLV5-AROVZ: SLV5:ARO comes with Viton A Gaskets (tank [3mm] and pipe [3mm] flange).

SLV5-AROTVZ:SLV5:ARO comes with 1.6mm Viton A Gaskets (tank [1.6mm] and pipe [3mm] flange).

SLV5-AROAVI: Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded Viton A seal - Aviation Specification.

SLV5-AROAVIZ: SLV5-AROAVI comes with NBR Corke Gaskets (tank and pipe flange).

SLV5-AROC:Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded FFKM seal - Chemical.