Air Rams

The piston type air operated ram can be used in place of
the standard diaphragm air ram used on Liquip foot valves.

The plunger is pushed forward by a piston when air is supplied to the air inlet. The air in the cylinder is expelled through the exhaust port. The air ram assembly also has a sequential port the can be connected to other air rams in series.

A jacking screw is provided to allow manual opening of the valve in the event of air pressure loss (note that this does not fully open the valve).

-Aluminium body.
-Stainless steel poppet.
-Viton seals and gasket.
-Acetal piston.

60mm bore.
Needs a minimum of 350 kPa of air pressure, to open the foot valve fully.

Air ram operator assembly is easily removable & replaceable, being a self-contained externally mounted assembly.

Bolted to SLV5 body using M10 screws and spring washers with a sealing gasket.

0.65 kg.

ARO100: Air Ram Assembly for SLV5 series footvalve.

ARO100C: Chemical Air Ram Assembly for SLV5-AROC footvalve.

SLV5-ARO: Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded Viton A seal.

SLV5-AROZ: SLV5:ARO comes with Neo Cork Gaskets (tank and pipe flange).

SLV5-AROVZ: SLV5:ARO comes with Viton A Gaskets (tank [3mm] and pipe [3mm] flange).

SLV5-AROTVZ:SLV5:ARO comes with 1.6mm Viton A Gaskets (tank [1.6mm] and pipe [3mm] flange).

SLV5-AROAVI: Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded Viton A seal - Aviation Specification.

SLV5-AROAVIZ: SLV5-AROAVI comes with NBR Corke Gaskets (tank and pipe flange).

SLV5-AROC:Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded FFKM seal - Chemical.