295SC High-Flow Nozzles


For High-Flow, Bulk Fuel Oil Delivery Service.

Features & Benefits
  • Aluminium Body - lighter weight, easier to maneuver.
  • Dual Poppets - easy-to-open nozzle against high inlet pressures.
  • Replacement Hold-Open Rack - one-hand control of hold-open mechanism means easy setting of flow speed. Nozzle must be attended at all times during usage.
  • Replaceable Composite Lever Guard - easy, low-cost replacement.
  • Right Angle Design - provides larger lever area for better grip and easier control; permits nozzle to fit into awkward spaces close to walls and into corners.
  • Adjustable Dash Pot - permits adjusting the main poppet closure rate over a wide range of flows to overcome line shock with minimum after flow.
  • Built-In Swivel - eliminates twisting and kinking of the hose. This swivel is hard-coated aluminium and has full-bearing surfaces.
  • Built-In Check Valve - prevents hose drainage after pump is turned off.
  • Vinyl-Coated Lever - insulates fingers against cold.
  • Easily Replaced Spout - the spout is easily threaded into the body. Replacement spouts are readily available from OPW.
  • NPT Female Threads at Inlet End - standard pipe threads accept all 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" male connections.


Recommended products for replacement

    Technical Information

    Design working pressure

    • 110 psi (7.58 bar) maximum pressure


    • Body: Cast aluminium
    • Main Stem: Stainless steel
    • Stem Seal: Buna-N O-Ring
    • Main Poppet Disc: Viton®
    • Spout: OPW 297 aluminium (optional)



    Ordering Information
    Item Number

    Inlet Thread
















    295 Series Instruction Sheet Order Number: H09237PA

    Lever Guard Replacement Kit

    Item Number Description
    295KLG-0200 Short Grey for 295SC-0139
    295KLG-0250 Long Grey for 295SC-0141

    Replacement Parts – OPW 295SC High-Flow Nozzles

    Key Item Number Description 1¼" 11½" NPT 1½" 11½" NPT
    1 H09212 Cap S/A  
    1 H09213 Cap S/A  
    2 C02115A Cap  
    2 C02117A Cap  
    3 H12707M O-Ring
    4 H05063M Bushing (2 req’d)
    5 H05087M Felt Wiper
    6 H12705M O-Ring
    7 H04825M Adjusting Screw
    8 H08441RS Screw
    9 H05135M Retainer
    10 H07719 Main Poppet S/A
    11 H09417 Stem & Sec. Poppet  
    11 H09420 Stem & Sec. Poppet  
    12 H12706M O-Ring
    13 H09367M Spring
    14 H05064M Spring
    15 H05088M Skirt
    16 H05198M Seal
    17 H04828M Seal
    18 H03981RE Pin
    19 215290 Cotter Pin
    20 H07580M Rivet
    21 H06045M Screw (2 req’d)
    22 295KLG-0200 Guard Kit  
    22 295KLG-0250 Guard Kit  
    23 C04698M Hold-Open Rack
    23 H14105M Screw
    24 H09214 Poppet S/A  
    24 H09215 Poppet S/A  
    25 H07593M Spring  
    25 H07595M Spring  
    26 H07613M Washer  
    27 295SWK-0009 Swivel Repair Kit**
    27 295SWK-0014 Swivel Repair Kit**    
    28 H08886M Dust Seal  
    28 H01227M Dust Seal
    29 H08881M Thrust Bearing  
    29 H08889M Thrust Bearing  
    30 H08882M Lock Ring  
    30 H08890M Lock Ring  
    31 H09365M Retaining Ring  
    31 H09366M Retaining Ring  
    32 H08879M Bearing  
    32 H08887M Bearing  
    33 H12319M O-Ring  
    34 H08884M Bearing  
    34 H08892M Bearing  
    35 H02477M Cotter Pin  
    36 297-9020 Spout  
    36 297-9030 Spout  
    37 H07062M Screw (4 req’d)
    38 H09712RS Retainer  
    38 H09713RS Retainer  
    39 H13776M O-Ring, Viton®
    39 H13775M O-Ring, Viton®  

    * Replacement part for nozzles built after 08/1998. Parts are unavailable for nozzles built prior to this date. ** Includes 295SRK-0001 or 295SRK-0002 and contact ring.

    295SRK Seal Repair Kit

    Designed for use on 25 series swivels and 295 nozzles, the OPW 295SRK consists of a dust seal, 2 O-rings, 3 button-head screws, hex key and thread sealant.

    Item Number

    Used On


    25 and 295 Series 1", 1-1/4" (NPT)


    25 and 295 Series 1-1/2" (NPT)

    295SRK Materials

    • Body: electroless nickel-plated
    • Bearings: molded plastic
    • Seals: Buna-N O-Ring, felt dust seal, Viton® O-Ring
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    295SC-0139 Inlet Thread: 1-1/4" (32mm), Weight: 3.75lbs. (1.7kg)
    295SC-0141 Inlet Thread: 1-1/2" (38mm), Weight: 4.33lbs. (2kg)

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