Schultz Differential Pressure Gauges


Schultz Model SC-5150 Differential pressure gauge is a direct reading piston type differential pressure indicator. It is designed to accurately and reliability read differential pressure across filter vessels. The gauge consists of a spring corrosion resistant piston moving inside an annealed glass cylinder. Differential pressure is easily read from the top of the piston.

Under normal conditions, the filter cartridges are replaced by a maintenance schedule. However, with varying conditions of fuel supply, the cartridges may need to be replaced much sooner. The differential pressure gauge gives a visual reading of the condition of the cartridges. These should be checked every time a new batch of fuel is supplied or at very regular intervals.  The typical pressure for replacement is as follows:

  • Filter Water Separator vessel – at 15 PSI or 100 kPa
  • Microfilter vessel – at 25 PSI or 170 kPa
  • Monitor vessel – at 25 PSI or 170 kPa

Features & Benefits
  • Glass Cylinder Pressure tested to 1200 psi, To provide a safety factor of 4 at max operating pressure of 300 psi.
  • Thermal expansion characteristics of piston and cylinder are matched so binding does not occur during temperature variations.
  • Eliminates 3 way manifold and subtraction method of determining differential pressure.
  • Design provides automatic dampening against pressure fluctuations so calibration will not be affected.
  • Easily changed 10 micron filter on high pressure side of gauge protects internal components.
  • Housings available in black anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
  • 0-15 psi or 0-30 psi Differential Pressure indication ranges available.
  • Extremely Rugged housing protects internal components, acceptable for sustained vehicle usage.
  • Optional flush mount unit available for panel installations.


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    Technical Information

    300 psi max operating.

    -40°C to + 71°C (-40°F to + 160°F).

    Accurate within 1/2 psi.

    1/4" NPT.


    Materials in Contact with Fuel
    Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Glass, and Viton (for S/S model delete aluminium).

    Ordering Information

    To order the Schultz DP Gauge, housing material and differential pressure indication range must be chosen. Chart below lists configurations and options.

    Housing Material Differential Pressure Indication Range Part #
    Aluminium 0-15 psi ( 0 - 1.0 kg/cm ) SC -5150 - 15
    0-30 psi ( 0 - 2.0 kg/cm ) SC -5150 - 30
    Stainless Steel 0-15 psi ( 0 - 1.0 kg/cm ) SC -5150 - 15 - S
    0-30 psi ( 0 - 2.0 kg/cm ) SC -5150 - 30 - S


    Option A  Ultraviolet shield for av gas use
    Option B 1/4 N.P.T. port located at the top of the gauge
    Option C Bar - KPa scale
    Option D Rearward facing 1/4 S/S three way valve and vent for
    1/4 tubing
    Option E 1/4 S/S three way valve and vent for 1/4 tubing
    Option F S/S three way valve and vent for 3/8 tubing
    Option G Installation kit includes 16' copper tubing and brass
    fittings with mounting hardware and drill bit
    Option H Same as above except S.S tubing and fittings are
    Notes On Options
    If gauge is used for Av gas use option A this provides on ultraviolet shield to prevent accumulation of fuel dye inside cylinder (there is no charge at time of purchase).
    Use option B for a 1/4 N.P.T. port in the hex head plug located at the top of the gauge for the installation of a system pressure gauge.
    For flush mount/panel type installations use Option D, the high and low pressure 1/4 N.P.T. ports face rearward so connections are not visible.
    To Conform to API 1581 use option E or F. A stainless steel three way valve with a vent tube is a provided so that the low pressure connection can be vented to the atmosphere to verify piston movement and position as per API Bulletin 1581 Instructions.


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