600mm (24″) Round x 600mm (24″) Deep Overfill Prevention Valve Sumps

500mm (20″) square sump, internal spill container, adjustable skirt and round 760mm (30″) flat sealed composite cover and frame.

Designed to suit OPW pipework (not supplied). Available with integrated drainback system.


S2-3760-OF-E1: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-E1: With drainback system



2 Fills

S2-3760-OF-E2: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-E2: With drainback system



Fill & VR1B

S2-3760-OF-E11: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-E11: With drainback system