500mm ( 20″) Square Sump – S2


500mm (20″) square sump, internal spill container, adjustable skirt, and round 760mm (30″) flat sealed composite cover and frame.

Includes KPS pipework. Available with integrated drainback system.

Ordering Information


S2-3760-OF-EU-K1: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-K1: With drainback system


2 Fills

S2-3760-OF-EU-K2: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-K2: With drainback system

S2-360-OFD-BPP-K2: With drainback system


Fill & VR1b

S2-3760-OF-EU-K11: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-K11: With drainback system


2 Fills & VR1b

S2-3760-OF-EU-K21: No drainback system

S2-3760-OFD-K21: With drainback system

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Item Description
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S2-3760-OFD-K2 No drainback system
S2-360-OFD-BPP-K2 With drainback system
S2-3760-OF-EU-K2 No drainback system
S2-3760-OF-EU-K21 No drainback system
S2-3760-OFD-K21 With drainback system
S2-3760-OF-EU-K1 No drainback system
S2-3760-OFD-K1 With drainback system
S2-3760-OF-EU-K11 No drainback system
S2-3760-OFD-K11 With drainback system

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