Hydrant Coupler 4inch API Style - Pressure Control Coupler


Cla-Val couplers are designed to provide safe and accurate connection during aircraft refueling.

The Model 353GF Pressure Control Coupler is a hydrant coupler used in jet aircraft refueling operations. It connects to a hydrant pit valve or hydrant pit adapter to allow pressurized fuel to flow from an underground pipeline and into the receiving aircraft. It incorporates a Deadman operated, direct acting pressure regulator that protects the receiving aircraft from excess pressure and from damage due to pressure surges.

The 351GF-15 Hydrant Coupler connects to any EI-style hydrant pit adapter or hydrant pit valve to allow pressurized delivery of fuel to aircraft. Constructed of high-strength stainless steel and aluminium, the Hydrant Coupler conforms to EI Bulletin 1584.

The 346GF Emergency Breakaway Coupler cleanly comes apart and closes both separated halves when an excessive axial load is applied. This makes it possible for a pilot to safely drive/fly away from the refueling facility in case of emergency, virtually eliminates fuel loss and protects the environment in the event of a breakaway.

Features & Benefits
  • Mates all adapters and all standard hydrant valves in accordance with API bulletin 1584. 
    • Conforms to EI Bulletin 1584 Third Edition.
  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic Deadman Options.
  • Accurate Nozzle Pressure Regulation.
  • Excellent Surge Pressure Control.
  • Conveniently Located Deadman and Fuel Sense Connections .
  • Bleed Valve(s) supplied, on the Pilot Block.
  • Standard Folding Operating Lever.

Technical Information
  • Clav-val has more than 15 years serving the Commercial Aviation Ground Fueling Industry; Over 70 years serving US Military Aviation.
  • All Pressure Couplers are pressure and flow tested with a fluid that has the same specific gravity of jet fuel, performed at our Type III Fuel Delivery System testing facility.
  • Comprehensive product training available at Cla-val's onsite training centre in Southern California
  • Worldwide support provided by service personnel with decades of aviation fueling experience

Contact Liquip for details on Technical Information.

Ordering Information

Configurator: 353GF- 1 - 2 -3 - 4

A = Air Deadman OR
H = Hydraulic Deadman

C = Carriage assembly

F = Flag Stick Holder

2B = 2.5" BSPP Outlet Thread
2N = 2.5" NPT Outlet Thread
3B = 3" BSPP Outlet Thread
3N = 3" NPT Outlet Thread
4B = 4" BSPP Outlet Thread
4N = 4" NPT Outlet Thread

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