Hose End Pressure Control Valve (HEPCV)


The Cla-Val Model 343GF/348GF Hose End Pressure Control Valve (HEPCV) is a direct acting pressure regulator. It is designed for use in aircraft refueling to protect the receiving aircraft from excess pressure and damage due to pressure surges. It is bolted to a Cla-Val Model 341GF or 347GF Aircraft Refueling Nozzle at the end of a delivery hose or a Pantograph used to refuel jet aircraft under pressure. 

The Cla-Val Model 343GF/348GF HEPCV is designed and constructed of high strength aluminum and stainless steel. It utilizes the latest in low friction seal technology. Due to the design of the internal components, the 343GF/348GF HEPCV provides the best possible surge pressure protection available for aircraft refueling. The use of large diameter springs gives the Model 343GF/348GF superior hose end pressure regulation. Also, the overall pressure drop through the fully open Model 343GF is the lowest available. Both of these features contribute to shorter refueling times.

The piston of the Cla-Val Model 343GF/348GF HEPCV is a onepiece design made of stainless steel, a Cla-Val exclusive providing a high level of durability. The Cla-Val Model 343GF/348GF HEPCV features a flanged inlet for connection to other flanged Cla-Val refueling components (such as a Pantograph, a D-1 swivel joint or another Model 343GF HEPCV), and a flanged outlet that bolts directly to the inlet of the Cla-Val Model 341GF or Cla-Val Model 347GF Nozzle. The ClaVal Model 343GF/348GF will also bolt to older Carter Nozzles that utilize flanged connections.

The Cla-Val Model 343GF/348GF HEPCV can be ordered in three standard pressure control settings; 35 psig, 45 psig and 55 psig. Other pressure settings can be easily accommodated by special order.

Features & Benefits
  • Unique one-piece stainless steel piston is stronger  and more durable than aluminium pistons.
  • Larger Springs improve pressure control.
  • Three different pressure settings available.
  • Durable anodized aluminium body.

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