Inline Strainer and Sightglass Kits

The ILS2 series strainer and sightglass kits are a simple and precautionary measure to prevent expensive pump damage.

This coarse pre-filter prevents large contaminates or debris
from passing through pipe work downstream.

The ILS2 series also offers users the additional benefit of
product visibility through its sightglass housing to ensure if
a compartment/tanker has product present or if it has been

This series of strainer and sightglass kit has been developed
to suit TTMA flanges and piping.

Do not use with solvents – refer to sightglass for flanges data sheet for compatibility

  • Cast Acrylic design that provides superior optical clarity.
  • Annealed for improved performance with aggressive fuel additives.
  • Sightglass fits between two flanges of the same specification.
  • Full face Viton gaskets available and recommended.
  • Sightglasses are date stamped to assist with planned maintenance.

or Service Periodically (recommended every 6 months), inspect sightglass and strainer.

Materials of Construction
Sight glass: Acrylic
Mounting Flange: Aluminium
Strainer Basket :Z/P Steel
Gaskets: NBR Cork

Mounts directly to TTMA flanges or associated pumps.

Remove mounting bolts for servicing.


Maximum working pressure

Maximum working temperature

Mounting bolts of adequate length tightened to a torque of 20Nm -
Tighten up evenly in a criss-cross manner.

Install with full face gaskets on both sides.


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