RS400 Rollover Sensor


The RS400 is the fourth generation of Liquip Rollover Sensor and symbolises Liquip’s constant drive for safety and continuous improvement.

Rollovers can occur in the blink of an eye and in the event of a rollover, the RS400 is a safe and effective way to ensure electrical sources of product ignition are isolated.

The RS400 complies with Australian standards by signalling to the the isolation switch to disconnect power to the truck system in the event of a rollover.

The RS400 enables vehicles to meet the legal requirement of roll-over sensing (AS2809:2020). The RS series have been tried and proven to operate in Australia's harsh operating conditions and are backed by Liquip's Australia wide service network.

The Roll Over Sensor has been designed for high reliability undergoing thorough environmental and lifetime testing.

The RS400 roll over sensor is compatible with most common battery master isolation switches and will provide enhanced safety when used with battery isolation switch available via Liquip.

Features & Benefits
  • Complies with AS2809 - Vehicle Rollover Device.
  • Solid state 3 axis accelerometer.
  • The device will not be activated at less than 45° to the vertical.
  • Inbuilt filter prevents accidental shutdowns by rejecting any readings that would not result in a rollover e.g. bumps.
  • Resistant to power surges.
  • Integrated hinge and indicator lights for easy in situ testing.
  • Suitable for 12V or 24V systems.
  • 2 metres of colour coded cable for ease of installation.
  • Can also be used to operate a Liquip engine strangler to ensure the vehicle engine stops.
  • Made to handle Australia's harsh operation conditions.
  • Made in Australia.

Technical Information

Operating voltage range
9V to 32V DC, 1.5W maximum.

Operating temperature range
-20°C to +60°C.

Ingress Protection Rating
IP66 rated.

Standards Met

Contact current rating

  • 10A DC switching current (NOHP to 0V).
  • 0.15A DC switching current (NO/NC to COM).
Ordering Information

RS400: Liquip Rollover Sensor.

RS400-12MZ: Liquip rollover sensor and Baxter 12v battery isolation switch (kit).

RS400-24MZ: Liquip rollover sensor and Baxter 24v battery isolation switch (kit).

Associated Equipment

MES3: 3” Mechanical Engine Strangler.

MES5: 5” Mechanical Engine Strangler.

TSW12K: Manual 500amp Isolation Switch 12V and Harness Kit.

TSW24K: Manual 500amp Isolation Switch 24V and Harness Kit.

HM001: Single position mounting bracket.

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RS400 Liquip Rollover Sensor.
RS400-12MZ Liquip rollover sensor and Baxter 12v battery isolation switch (kit).
RS400-24MZ Liquip rollover sensor and Baxter 24v battery isolation switch (kit).

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