Elaflex Pre-fitted Hose Assemblies


Liquip supply the full range of yellow band aircraft refuelling hoses, suitable for all aviation gasoline and jet fuels (JET-A1), anti-icings fluids and motor oils. This Aviation hose is specified by almost all major oil companies.

To simply operations Liquip can provide full coils of hose or can cut and fit fitting to hose on site at our Sydney office based on your requirements.

There are three prerequisites for a perfect hose assembly: suitability and quality of the components, their compatibility with each other and professional assembling.

For years Liquip has been making hose assemblies and this is part of daily competence. We ensure that our customers receive a suitable combination of hose and coupling – not only for self-assembling but also as ready-to-use hose assembly.

After consultation, or to your specification, we take care of the rest. Hose cut to length, assembling of hose tail and clamps, mounting accessories, testing (electrical conductivity and pressure test if applicable), quality control and issuing of test certificates.

Liquip can also fit our range of hose beads to your hose assembly at your request.

NOTE: Not for suction. Burst pressure > 80 bar / 1200psi.
the hose does not kink with a permanent pressure of at least 0.5 bar.

Note: Liquip can only ship Elaflex Parts to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Features & Benefits
  • Elaflex standard type "HD-C" with two textile braids.
  • Light weight, flexible hose for all purposes.
  • Assemblies can be supplied with Bolt (spannloc) or Pin (spannfix) fittings at your request.
  • Holds various European, Australian and American approvals.
  • Hose assemblies include hose fitting and testing.
  • If a standard hose assembly is required for ongoing use, please contact the Liquip sales team and potentially a part number can be allocated to simply reordering.

Technical Information

Temperature Range
-30oC up to +70oC.

Electrical Resistance
Between 103 and 106 Ohm.

Nitrile rubber (NBR) seamless tube, anitstatic, no fuel solubility. 

Textile braids without metallic strands.

Chloroprene (CR), electrically conductive, ozone and flame resistant, highly abrasion resistant.

Approved to EN1361 (European), AS2683 (Australian) and API1529 (American) standards.

Ordering Information

To Order pre-fitted hose assemblies please contact Liquip and specify:
Type of Hose:
Metres required:
Fittings required:

Note: If a standard hose assembly is required for ongoing use, please contact the Liquip sales team and potentially a part number can be allocated to simply reordering e.g. AHA5030AHRX: Hose Assembly C/W clamps and fittings to suit customer XXXX specifications.

Hose Options

Part Hose Size ID (inches) Hose Size ID (mm) Hose Size OD (mm) Working Pressure (bar) Test Pressure (bar) Max Vacuum (bar) Min Reel Diametered (mm) Coil Length Options (m) Approx Weight (kg/m)
3343 1 25 37 20 40 0.5 200 30, 40, 50,60,80 0.8
3344 1 ¼ 32 44 20 40 0.4 225 30, 40, 50,60,80 1.0
3345 1 ½ 38 51 20 40 0.3 270 30, 40, 50,60,80 1.2
3346 2 50 66 20 40 0.3 400 30, 40, 50,60,80 1.9
3347 2 ½ 63 79 20 40 0.2 600 30, 40 2.4
3348 3 75 91 20 40 - 600 40 2.8
3349 4 100 117 20 40 - 900 40 3.7

Fittings Options


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