Hydrant Isolation Valve CLA-VAL 355GF


The Cla-Val Model 355GF Hydrant Isolation Valve is designed to fit underneath a hydrant pit valve. Once closed, the entire Hydrant Pit Valve can be removed for maintenance or replacement while the rest of the hydrant system remains pressurized and operational.

The 355GF Hydrant Isolation Valve has a 6-inch 300-pound ANSI rated inlet flange and a 4-inch 150-pound ANSI outlet flange. There is a stone guard installed at the inlet of the isolation valve that protects the isolation valve and hydrant pit valve. The overall height of 6-inches easily replaces existing non-isolating adapter
spools. For new installations, specify the 355GF Hydrant Isolation Valve along with the Cla-Val 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve to achieve the standard 18-inch high assembly specification requirement.

The 355GF Hydrant Isolation Valve has a stainless steel ball valve and an epoxy coated ductile iron body. The ball valve is operated by a removable T-Bar tool from the top of the pit box. It closes the valve through a gear box which has an open/closed indicator.

The 355GF Hydrant Isolation Valve is Fire Safe qualified to API 607.

Features & Benefits
  • Stainless Steel “Full-Bore” Valve.
  • Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron Body.
  • Inlet Stone Guard protects Hydrant Pit Valve.
  • 6-inch 300-pound ANSI inlet x 4-inch 150-pound outlet.
  • Allows for complete removal of pit valve while hydrant system is in operation.
  • Qualified to API 607.


Recommended products for replacement

    Materials Specficaiton

    Body Material
    Ductile Iron ASTM A536 65-45-12.

    316 Stainless Steel.

    Ball Retainer
    316 Stainless Steel.

    316 Stainless Steel.

    Teflon & Buna-N.

    Corrosion Protection
    Epoxy Coated to MIL-C-4456.

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