The Benchmark in Bottom Loading: Liquip’s LBM800

Category: Loading Arms, Terminal Equipment

What does resilient mean to you? Though loading arms face being hammered by the day-in, day-out movement of product, the strongest among them can live up to the demands through the years. State-of-the-art bottom loading arms provide safety and a long service life with minimal maintenance. The heart of a bottom loading arm is the balance mechanism.

The LBM800 balance mechanism, by OPW business unit Liquip, is an advancement in durability and ergonomics for petrochemical distribution operations. A unique “velvet touch” gas strut design allows smooth operation for the entire stroke of the loading arm, allowing the LBM800 to offer increased ease of use over other balance mechanisms.

Other key benefits of the LBM800 for petrochemical loading terminals include:

Minimal Servicing

  • A best-in-class base swivel assembly ensures smooth operation.

Easy Configuration

  • Operators can choose left hand, right hand, upward and downward configurations on-site.


  • Suitable for a range of loading/unloading arm styles including: Overhead Bottom, A-frame, Top, Long Reach and Low Profile.
  • Various seal options are available for different processes.

Simple Installation and Decreased Downtime

  • Slimline drop leg bracket and an all-flanged design reduces installation time.

360-Degree Horizontal Rotation

  • Arms can easily move from a parked to loading position to service vehicles on either side of a loading bay.

Beyond easy installation and maintenance, Liquip’s newest balance mechanism is a demonstrable improvement in functionality as well. Once in use, the LBM800 gives users the ability to position the coupler at different heights within the API envelope. Dependable bearing and seals contribute to preventing product loss, safeguarding operational success and employee safety.

Defining What’s Next in Petrochemical Bottom Loading

Constant threats to the bottom line and personal safety including reduced productivity, service downtime and equipment failure loom over loading terminals, but the right technology can keep them at bay. For people, profitability and the planet, Liquip’s product development is living out the “Defining What’s Next” mantra. Learn more about Liquip’s solutions for terminal efficiency, including the LBM800, at