CTK100 - Chemical Test Kit

Category: Product News

The CTK100 is a simple to use gauge that is used to determine the best suited rubber compound to use in specific fuel applications.

This test kit has been used to provide users and Liquip with an understanding of what is happening at specific customer sites and provides an accurate method to determine the most suitable seal material for each specific application. Users are able to test various seal materials with the exact fuel they are using.

Key Features

  • Simple to use Go / No Go Gauge design.
  • Allows exact fuel being used to be tested for suitability.
  • O-ring samples provided with test kit.
  • Ensure appropriate seals are being used on site.
  • Supplied in a ready to use kit. Just add fuel.
  • Easy to read test results.
  • Easy to test for seasonal fuel changes when additives change.

Simple Instructions For Testing

  1. Open sample jars 1-6.
  2. Insert O-ring from sample jar 1 into each gauge opening until it fits.
  3. Record the Hole Number on the included instruction sheet.
  4. Add fuel to sample jar 1. Fill jar approx. half way.
  5. Leave O-ring sample in fuel for 48 hours.
  6. Remove O-ring from jar.
  7. Insert sample O-ring into each gauge opening until it fits.
  8. Record the Hole Number on the included instruction sheet.
  9. Provide results to Liquip for assessment.
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 for each sample jar.


For any specific information on how the CTK100 can help ensure you are using a suitable seal material, please review the CTK100 datasheet or contact your local Liquip Representative.