Safety starts at the top

Category: Tanker

With the impending release of the updated Australian Standard applicable to Dangerous Goods (DG) tankers – AS2809:2020, Liquip says its newly-developed VOH450 hatch is the first of its kind to comply with newly applicable confined space entry requirements and still pass the stringent double drop test suited for Australian conditions.

As a leader in the design and development of hatches, valves and pumping/metering equipment in the road tanker sector, Liquip has long been at the cutting edge of enhancements to safety and operational efficiencies for tanker operators.

The company’s latest development was displayed at the Bulk Tanker Day in September 2019 which was hosted by the National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) at the Brisbane showgrounds.

The VOH450 hatch has been designed to withstand the enormous targeted forces inflicted on a tanker in the regrettable event of a rollover or severe rear end shunt from another vehicle. The Liquip VOH450 hatch is double drop tested to simulate multi-impact forces that occur during rollover incidents.

Liquip says its in-house testing demonstrates that its double drop tested hatches provide the highest level of product containment when needed most to ensure the safety of drivers, the general public and the environment.

The company states that AS2809:2020 approval requiring the hatch and associated fittings to be drop tested together makes the VOH450 ideal for both top and bottom loading of all types of fuels, including general and aviation hydrocarbons.

In addition to providing a spacious 452mm diameter entry point into compartments for servicing and repairs, the hatch is equipped with a 225mm diameter emergency vent that enables the instant momentary release of extreme pressure in the event of a sudden forceful impact to the tank as is often experienced in a rollover situation. Following this initial release of pressure, the emergency vent seals up completely to contain the product within the tank and avert safety and environmental catastrophes. This emergency vent also doubles as an easy to open visual inspection hatch for example when top loading.

Importantly, the new VOH450 hatch maintains the same fittings and bolt patterns as Liquip’s common VOH410 series hatch, meaning existing accessories can be easily retrofitted to VOH450 hatch without the hassle and major expense of modifications. In addition, all accessories that customers currently use will be available for the VOH450.

For quick and efficient installation and removal when required, the VOH450 is secured by a single bolt style clamp band. The VOH450 hatch is also equipped with four provisions for the convenient mounting of additional drop test approved equipment including overfill probes, dip and fill tubes and digital level gauging systems. Mounting provisions that aren’t required can be securely sealed off with blanking plates.

The hatch comes complete with all-metric threads, with this feature clearly identified by the word ‘metric’ marked into the durable yet relatively light cast aluminium housing. The VOH450 is one of the lightest hatches available that passes AS2809:2020, with the weight of the hatch coming in at an impressive 8.8kg.

Liquip has long been the industry choice for hatches due to its no-compromise approach to safety and product retainment.

It would appear the new double drop tested and fully compliant VOH450 hatch has raised the bar significantly in this respect.