CC-23-7 Coalescer Separators for Vertical SuperFlex vessels


Facet coalescer separators are a result of over 50 years of continuous research and development to meet the ever demanding performance requirements in the aviation fuel handling industry. This, along with proven field performance, demonstrates Facet's ability to provide quality products that meet current specifications as well as specific customer requirements for installations in refineries, bulk storage, terminals, heliports, airports, etc.

Facet's standard carbon steel VCS Series SuperFlex Coalescer Separators are small, economical housings for in-line removal of water and solids from aviation fuels where water content is a problem. Using Facet high quality coalescer and separator cartridges, they provide the best water and solids removal.

The CC-23-7 Coalescer Separators are designed to be used in Vertical SuperFlex™ vessels.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides two-stage coalescing and separation
  • Recommended maximum operating temperature: 240°F (115°C)
  • Maximum differential pressure: 75 psi (517 kPa)
  • Flow direction: Outside to in
  • All metal components coated to protect against corrosion
  • Standard gaskets are Buna-N—other materials available on request


Recommended products for replacement

    Technical Inforamtion

    Flow Direction
    Outside to In.

    pH range
    From 5 to 9.

    Ordering Inforamtion
    Item Elements Kerosene Aviation Fuel1 Gasoline Diesel
    QTY COALESCER QTY SEPARATOR gpm lpm gpm lpm gpm lpm gpm lpm
    VCS-123-7-1S412FC 1 CC-23-7 1 SS412FC 37 140 25 94 55 208 27 102
    VCS-223-7-1S422FC 2 CC-23-7 1 SS422FC 75 284 50 189 100 378 42 159
    VCS-323-7-1S432FC 3 CC-23-7 1 SS432FC 112 424 75 284 168 636 68 257

    1) Tested to meet the effluent requirements of EI 1581, 6th Edition, Category C & M, Type S-LW (Jet Fuel and AV-Gas).

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    Item Description
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    VCS-123-7-1S412FC Elements (1xCOALESCER(CC-23-7), 1xSEPARATOR(SS412FC)), Kerosene(37gpm / 140lpm), Aviation Fuel(25gpm / 94lpm), Gasoline(55gpm / 208lpm), Diesel(27gpm / 102lpm)
    VCS-223-7-1S422FC Elements (2xCOALESCER(CC-23-7), 1xSEPARATOR(SS422FC)), Kerosene(75gpm / 284lpm), Aviation Fuel(50gpm / 189lpm), Gasoline(100gpm / 378lpm), Diesel(42gpm / 159lpm)
    VCS-323-7-1S432FC Elements (3xCOALESCER(CC-23-7), 1xSEPARATOR(SS432FC)), Kerosene(112gpm / 424lpm), Aviation Fuel(75gpm / 284lpm), Gasoline(168gpm / 636lpm), Diesel(68gpm / 257lpm)

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