CC-21-7 & CC-22-7 VF21SB/22SB Series Coalescer Separator Cartridges


Facet VF-21SB/22SB Series coalescer separator cartridges provide long service life and high solids holding capacity with no unloading characteristics. These filter separator cartridges effectively remove water and solids from fuels.


Features & Benefits
  • Max. recommended operating temperature: 180ºF (82°C)
  • Maximum differential pressure: 75 psi (5.25 kg/cm²)
  • Cartridge dimensions: OD 6” (152 mm), ID 1 ½” (38 mm), Nominal Length 9” (230 mm) or 12” (300 mm)

Technical Information

Flow direction
outside to in

pH range
from 5 to 9.


  • Carbon steel structural components
  • All metal components coated to protect against corrosion
  • Standard gaskets are Buna-N - other materials available on request
Ordering Information
Model Number Item Number Kerosene Aviation Fuel1 Gasoline Diesel
    gpm lpm gpm lpm gpm lpm gpm lpm
VF-21SB CC-21-7 35 132 15 57 45 170 23 87
VF-22SB CC-22-7 50 189 21.2 80 60 227 30 114

1) Tested to meet the effluent requirements of EI 1581, 6th Edition, Category C & M, Type S-LW (Jet Fuel and AV-Gas).

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CC-21-7 Kerosene (35gpm / 132lpm), Aviation Fuel (15gpm / 57lpm), Gasoline (45gpm / 170lpm), Diesel (23gpm / 87lpm)
CC-22-7 Kerosene (50gpm / 189lpm), Aviation Fuel (21.2gpm / 80lpm), Gasoline (60gpm / 227lpm), Diesel (30gpm / 114lpm)

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