Hazchem Sign Assemblies


The HLS102 hazardous chemical (Hazchem) meets Australian government regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Off the shelf the HLS102 can display: BLANK, PETROL, PETROLEUM FUEL & COMBUSTIBLE LIQUID, but can easily be configured to include special signs to meet your Hazchem needs.

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  • Lightweight and durable aluminium frame.
  • Metal signage for weight reduction and long life.
  • Sign inserts are easily replaced, changed or folders over to display alternate signage in compliance with hazardous transport signage regulations.

Complies with Australian Dangerous Goods Code, 7th Edition.

Change the display by lifting hinge and flipping sign.

4 off M10 bolts. x 3 per tanker truck.

HLS102: Aluminium/Steel Hazchem sign assembly.

HLS102-BIT: Alternative part for Bitumen products.

HLS102-8: HLS special insert with text as required.

HLS102-9: HLS special insert for Aviation Turbine Fuel and Aviation Gasoline.

HLS102-12: HLS special insert for Ethanol & Methanol.