Dust Caps

  • Dust Caps

Liquip offers a range of 3" and 4" Camlock Dust Caps.

Liquip's dust caps are made of high grade material to ensure superior protection and sealing and can be supplied in various material and seal configurations.

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3" Dust Caps

  • NA80-2AW: 3" Aluminium Camlock Dust Cap.
  • NA80-2KA: 3" Camlock Dust Cap (Lockable).
  • NA80-2KAT: 3" Camlock Dust Cap with Teflon Seal (Lockable).

4" Dust Caps

  • NA100-2AW - 4" Aluminium Camlock Dust Cap
  • NA100-2KA: 4" Camlock Dust Cap (Lockable).
  • NA100-2J: 4" Camlock Dust Cap (Jet A1 & AVGAS).
  • NA100-2JKA: 4" lockable Camlock Dust Cap (Jet A1)