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Count on Quality Service & Delivery

Liquip provides an extensive range of workshop and repair services for Petrochemical, Gas, Aviation, Cryogenics and Chemical Truck and Trailers

Our first class Workshops represent years of hands on experience in fuel handling systems across Australia.

Our team consists of of fully qualified engineers, mechanics, boilers makers, electricians and fitters and turners who offer years of technical experience and ingenuity, allowing us to assist with all your Road Tanker custom projects and servicing needs.

Workshop/Serivce Overview

  • API inspections and hydrotests
  • Tanker repairs
  • Service and maintenance of Liquip components
  • Re-horse & Refit of road tankers
  • Specialised builds and fit-outs of road tankers
  • Loading, discharge and blending skids designed and fabricated
  • SLP authorised location. 

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Key Workshop and Servicing Abilities

New Fit-ups

  • New Tank & Pumping Components Installs
  • Australian Standards AS2809.1 - 4 -2008
  • Blue Plate (NHVR) Certification
  • MTO Trained Staff to Confined Space (AS2865) & Working Safely at Heights

Pass-2-Load Inspections (Safe Load Program - SLP)

  • Inspections Every 6 months
  • Major Inspections Every 2.5 Years
  • Australian Standards AS2809.1 & 2-2008
  • SLP Compliance to Enter Terminals
  • Maintenance & Inspection Scheduling available

Truck Tank & Trailer Repairs & Servicing

  • Hydrotesting
  • Tank & Meter Calibrations
  • Tank & Trailer Repairs
  • Replacing Components
  • Hose Testing
  • Fabrication & Machining Facility
  • Paint Booth - 15m Long
  • A, B & C Class Mechanical Servicing
  • Auto-Electrical Mobile Service
  • Mechanical Breakdown Service

Truck, Trailer De-Gas & LPG Flaring

  • Sydney Water Approved De-Gassing Station
  • MTO Trained Staff to Confined Space (AS2865) & Working Safely at Heights 

Rehorsing (Refurbishing)

  • Australian Standards AS2809.1 - 4 -2008
  • Upgrading to New Components or Refurbishing Old Parts
  • Blue Plate (NHVR) Certification


Contact Us

Workshop Manager   Hours of Operation

Sean Clark
P: 02 9725 9075

M: 0428 607 857


Mon - Thurs: 7:30am to 4:00 pm 
Friday: 7:30 am to 2:00 pm

To assist in providing exceptional customer service, our workshops need all work to be booked in advance.
Breakdowns and emergency maintenance are an exception.   

For parts back up please contact customer service on 9725 9000.

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