Type E Camlock Fittings


Liquip camlocks are built to NATO specification (MIL-C-27487 (Superceded by A-A 59236) and are of aluminium construction.

Type E Adapter - Cam and Groove Male Adapter x Hose Tail.

Type E adapters are normally used with Type C couplers, but can be used with Type B and D couplers or Type DC (Dust Cap) of identical size.

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Sizes Range
1 ½ " to 4"

Item Description Size
NA40-22A      Camlock Male to Hosetail.       1½"
NA50-22A Camlock Male to Hoestail. 2"
NA80-22A Camlock Male to Hosetail. 3"
NA100-22A     Camlock Male to Hosetail. 4"