Downstream September 2009

Liquip Training

Liquip International Aviation Division recently held a training session with Shell Aviation Australia at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and learning at the coalface, Liquip International Aviation Division Engineers, Production Team Leaders and Sales Staff visited Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne to meet with vehicle operators and gather valuable feedback.

A joint initiative with Shell Aviation, all aspects of human interface such as safety, ergonomics, simplicity in operation were reviewed, with an objective to more closely align production and design with operator expectations.

Liquip staff had the opportunity to interact with the operators and maintainers, so the training session started off by being exposed to the same course that the Shell Aviation drivers of an aviation refueller receive upon receipt of a new vehicle into the fleet. Aviation Maintenance Coordinator for Shell Australia, Andrew Salathe spoke highly of the Liquip product, whilst also providing constructive feedback for consideration for future vehicle builds. Three engineers partnered up with Shell drivers on the airport apron to observe the aircraft refuelling operation and once again speak to the operators about the Liquip product.

Feedback from Liquip and Shell staff about the training day was very positive with product improvements being spoken about by engineers and production staff, as well as gaining a greater appreciation of the customers needs.

The on-site training initiative will be a regular program so other staff members can be exposed to airport operations. Liquip International would like to thank Andrew Salathe for inviting Liquip to the Shell operations at Tullamarine Airport, and Steve Graff from Stenaust for their assistance throughout the day.