Other Loading Arms & Applications

Liquip manufactures loading arms for a wide range of liquid transfer applications. Nearly any application currently using a hose is a potential loading arm application.

Aside from standard loading applications listed, some of the applications using Liquip loading arms include:

  • Liquid sugar syrup loading of railcars
  • Waste water unloading of railcars
  • Railcar locomotive refuelling
  • Mine service vehicle loading
  • Aviation refueller loading
  • Fuel barge loading and unloading
  • LPG condensate loading
  • Bitumen top loading

Liquip can design a loading arm to your specification. With an already extensive range, we are able to respond rapidly to specific and specialised requests. Using the Velvet Touch as the "backbone" of the arm, Liquip can tailor-design an arm to suit your operational requirements. Check with Liquip regarding your application if you are unsure.