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As fuel filtration specialists to the aviation industry for many years, Liquip Fuelling Solutions now offer Velcon filtration solutions for diesel.

Fuel quality and cleanliness is a crucial factor to guarantee engine performance and service life. Diesel engine builders report that 90% of diesel engine problems are due to dirt and/or water in the fuel supply. Although diesel leaving the refinery is usually clean, contamination can quickly accumulate during transport and storage.

With the ever growing Diesel markets and the importation of bulk fuel into Australia, major fuel suppliers have identified the need and the increasing demand for clean diesel. Fuelling Solutions by Liquip focuses on the needs of all filtration clients and provides the COMPLETE SERVICE SOLUTION to assist in meeting that market demand.

Supported by a team of experienced engineers and technical sales people, the company is in a competitive position to further serve the industrial and mining sectors. Liquip Fuelling Solutions offers Velcon filtration solutions for diesel. It specialises in all aspects of fuel handling, filtration and engineering solutions. With complete design capability and using latest technology and software, Liquip Fuelling Solutions can design filtration vessels to suit individual applications. The Division has established footprints in the mining sectors of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Indonesia.

Liquip Fuelling Solutions offers products ranging from single element filters to pre-packaged skid systems for minimal site installation time for turnkey installations. Skids systems can be fabricated to include spill containment, control valves, handrails and platforms for service and maintenance purposes. Fuelling Solutions also offers a range of diesel filtration solutions including the Vel-Max solution suitable for low to medium flow refuelling.

We manufacture ASME and API 1581 – 5th edition fuel filtration vessels to meet your exact specifications. 

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