Hydrant Dispensers

The LIQUIP Hydrant Dispenser is designed for the world market, incorporating innovative design and extremely efficient fuel-flow technology coupled with industry-standard components to give easy, efficient and safe aircraft refuelling using the airport underground hydrant fuel system. The Dispenser typically delivers aviation fuel from the hydrant into the aircraft at around 4,000 litres per minute (1,000 US gallons per minute) via a meter and filter vessel.

A typical Dispenser has an elevating scissor lift platform with a reach of 4.2 metres to accommodate all aircraft including A380, two underwing platform-deck hoses supported by hydraulic boom, plus single or dual rear hose-reels, also for underwing refuelling. The hydrant coupler and input hose hook onto a hose-lifting hoop which is raised with the vehicle’s hydraulic stabilisers. Pneumatic systems are supplied by hydraulically powered air compressor.

Safety features include fueling components interlocked to the Vehicle Immobilisation System, electric Deadman handles, Emergency Interlock Over-ride, Emergency Stop / Fuel Shutdown buttons and Platform Wand / Emergency Engine Stops. Many more safety and efficiency-improving functions are also standard.


• Up to 4,000 LPM via two 63mm (2.5”) platform deck hoses
• Up to 1,000 LPM via 50mm (2”) reel hose (20 metre length)


Liquip International's ALL-ELECTRIC Hydrant Dispensers now offer the economy and safety of our standard vehicle but with the significant difference of having the diesel engine replaced by a proprietary 96VDC BATTERY powered motor and ancillary drives.

Another attractive option for overseas customers is our MODULE ONLY build, whereby our Dispenser operating module with scissor lift platform is shipped ready to install onto the customers' locally sourced vehicle chassis.


• Efficient fuel flow path with low pressure drop across the dispenser
• Elevating Platform, scissor-lift with 4.2 metre height / reach
• 4000 lpm stainless steel filter vessels, either Monitor or Filter Water Separator
• Positive Displacement ISOIL BM-600 fuelling meter
• Hydraulic Deck Hose support boom
• Hydraulic stabilisers and input hose lifting boom
• Emergency hydraulic back-up systems
• Catherine-wheel hydraulic rewind hose reel with 20m of 50mm (2”) hose fitted
• Automatic depressurisation after fueling
• Aljac closed-circuit fuel sampling
• 100 litre Collector / recovery tank with evacuation system
• Stainless steel pipe-work
• Hot-dip galvanised module frame for maximum corrosion protection
• Intrinsically safe electrical wiring where required
• Cab roof window and platform positioning light


• Independently operated (twin) deck-hose booms
• Input hose swiveling extension boom
• Mini dispenser for smaller aircraft (B737 etc)
• Cordless (electronic remote control) Deadman
• Bonding Reel interlocks
• Remote meter register on Platform
• Digital pressure control
• Swiveling hose reel turntable
• Dual hose reels
• CCTV positioning camera
• Integrated data capture system
• Hose protection beads
• Left hand or right hand drive cab / chassis
• Automatic transmission

Economical, lower-cost / base specifications versions are available, along with many more options.