The LIQUIP International Aviation Refueller is designed for efficient and safe aircraft fuelling from the refueller’s tank at airports where underground hydrant systems are not available.   They incorporate innovation plus our proven design coupled with industry-standard components.

All Liquip International aviation refuellers can be designed to meet JIG standards.

Typical Liquip International refuelling tankers are rigid chassis units that have single or dual compartment 2,600 litres to 17,000 litre product tank for JET or AVGAS with an hydraulically driven pump supplying one underwing and one overwing hose and nozzle via the filter vessel and meter.   Much larger capacity units are also built.   Fuelling is possible at variable flow rates of 200+ LPM for overwing refuelling (via 20m of 32mm (1 ¼ “) hose or 1000 lpm for underwing refuelling via 20m of 50mm (2”) hose.

Bottom loading can achieve a rate of up to 1,500 lpm  & is linked to the Liquip DIPTRONIC and / or Protector fail-safe overfill protection system.   Our DIPTRONIC® electronic tank gauging system eliminates the need for manual dipsticks and uses radar transmitters bolted to the top of each compartment and these  indicate the compartment volume to within 2mm.  

Other safety features include fuelling components interlocked to the Vehicle Immobilisation System, electric Deadman handles, Emergency Interlock Over-ride, Emergency Stop / Fuel Shutdown buttons and Emergency Engine Stops.    Many more safety and efficiency-improving functions are also standard.


•    1,000 LPM via 50mm (2”) reel hose (20m)
•    200 LPM via overwing nozzle


•    Dual Catherine-wheel hydraulic rewind hose reels
•    Stainless steel pipe-work and filter, hot-dip galvanised module frame for maximum corrosion protection, intrinsically safe electrical wiring and low pressure drop across the refueller


New optional cordless easy grip deadman handle control and emergency shutdown.    The large electro-magnetic display provides visibility of the display from distances up to 50 metres even during bright sunny conditions.

Liquip hi-speed automatic data capture via electronic registers enables rapid and secure product transfer, eliminating human error.

Safety is paramount.   Our units incorporate an interlock system which prevents the unit from driving off unless the major fuelling components are correctly stowed and the Deadman System ensures that product will not flow unless the operator has a grip on the deadman handle.    Of course we offer Fail Safe Overfill Protection.

Since Liquip manufacture a significant portion of the components incorporated in our refuellers, we can ensure that these components meet the stringent demands for aircraft refuelling and are purpose-built for their application.

Contact Liquip for an insight into the huge range of tanker components available.